Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter to Russia!
A general requirement for getting a visa – you must have a passport (an ID card is not enough!) which is valid at least 6 months after the trip (e.g. till at least 17th May of 2014).

How to get a visa? Getting a visa to travel to Russia is much easier than some of you might think! You need to get an invitation and go to the closest Russian Consulate! Together with the invitation you must present some documents (they might be slightly different in different countries) – passport, 2 passport size photos, a reference from university/work place, filled application form, proof of financial capability (the statement from the bank or from work place). Citizens of some countries (but not all!) also need an insurance!

We will provide an invitation for you – for citizens of EU (except UK and Ireland) and for the citizens of the rest of the countries those will be different types of the invitation. This will be an invitation for a humanitarian visa. 

Detailed instruction on how to get a visa will be provided!