The main objective of the project is to give young people a chance to practice English and improve their language skills. In addition, the project also allows students to learn more about the culture of an amazing country - the Netherlands, spending 2 or 4 weeks in one of the most unique cities of Europe - Amsterdam. The project has wide cultural and social elements - excursions, visits to various organizations, meetings with interesting people, leisure activities that enable students not only to improve the English language skills (cultural program is also conducted in English ), but also learn a lot about the country, in which education takes place!

Learning a foreign language abroad - is not just a trend, this is the most effective method to learn the language if you want to achieve results in the short term! Immersion in the foreign language environment is the best way to overcome the language barrier and make significant break in the study of a language! The project is being implemented jointly with the organization in the Netherlands: Libertas International.


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